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Paintball Birthday Parties

If you are the one in charge of coming up with a Central Nebraska Birthday Party Idea- you're in luck. The best Idea for a Birthday Party is to have a Paintball Party!

If you never thought of the Paintball Party Idea before, they are easy to organize, inexpensive, great for virtually all ages, totally different, and folks love the idea!

So what kid does not want to shoot their sister, brother, or friend on their birthday! What a great Birthday Party Idea... Let the games begin! Paintball is actually a very safe activity. And by planning your Birthday Party at Paintball Jungle you can book it online, get help from the other parents and fill out the waivers online, and your Birthday Party is going to go on without a hitch!

That's why people from all over the Central Nebraska area; Kearney, Grand Island, Hastings, Axtell, Holdrege, Pleasonton, Lexington, Shelton, Overton, and Minden all have come to the great Idea of having their Birthday Party at Warped Sportz Adventure Park in Amherst, Nebraska.

And don't get stuck with the Idea that a Paintball Party is just for the little kids... We have Birthday Party events all the time for folks that are in their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's! It's the prefect idea for a Birthday Party for kids of all ages!

Some Points to Remember!

There is a minimum age for paintball parties (7 years old) and any player below the age of 18 will need a signed parental consent form. Now you can do your waivers in advance buy using our On Line Waivers. And kids need to be mature enough to follow the safety rules, and large enough to handle the equipment. Some fields have a minimum age of 10, but we have just brought in some new guns, known as 50 Calibur paintball guns  that are much smaller to hold, and the paintballs have about 1/3 the impact, so even kids who are 7, 8, can enjoy a paintball party!

But if they want the standard size paintball guns, we also have over 100 of those available.

Tell all the kids invited to the birthday parties to dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothes with full coverage - and a bit of padding is good. For example sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts work out great. And since we are in the woods - they can even wear  long sleeve T-shirts, (dark colors are best) to keep from getting to hot in the summer.

Bachelor Parties  

Best man and need to come up with Dallas Bachelor Party Ideas? One that doesn't involve scantily clad women? You're in luck. The best Idea for a Bachelor Party is to have a Paintball Party!

Bachelor Event - Clean Fun!

What a great send off for the Bachelor - get together with all his buddies, and do a little shooting at each other. Paintball is rapidly becoming one of the most commonly requested activities for Bachelor parties.

And depending on your needs, we can also run your bachelor party as a private event, any day of the week, any time of day! Check all our Prices or call for details (308) 440-5102

Corporate Team Building Paintball Event

If you are in charge of coming up with a unique Corportate Team building event for your employees, or customers, in the Central Nebraska Area, it's hard to beat an afternoon of paintball! Bring the folks together and let them work on team work, cooporation, problems solving and communication skills. 

Employee Bonding: In the office work place, there is definitely a hierarchy.. a pecking order. Actually, how I got into paintball was taking the guys from my other company out to a field for a corporate team building event myself. Once out there, the lowest paid employee that sweeps the floor is just as important an ally, or just as feared an enemy as anyone on the management team. It really is a great ice breaker between the ranks - getting all your guys to pull together toward common goals. 

Employee Competition: Let's be honest. Sometimes, generating a little competition between the guys out of the work place inspires a little within. After you watch the sales teams compete all out, the little meeting where you explain you want the same level of intensity in their next quarter can do the trick! 

Let marketing take on sales, HR vs management. You come up with the teams, or let us group them for you! 

Sales Meetings with Customers or Vendors: Can we get any more bored than sitting through another sales presentation in a meeting room?! Change up the next one. Bring your customers in, use our staging area to show off your new products and services. Then toss them onto the paintball field and let them try to take out their own sales rep. Or have their rep captain the team against the other district. Talk about a sales meeting your clients will remember!

You Pick the Day and Time for your Corporate Team Building Event!

Need to hold your team building event on a Tuesday afternoon? Wednesday at 8pm? Or maybe Wednesday morning? No Problem! We are not open to the public during the week and we can schedule a private event any time you want to go. The standard pricing is $30.00 per person including all the rental gear and 250 paintballs each. To open up during non-business hours we have a $300.00 minimum, with a $300.00 deposit. For example, if you have 30 people that want to play, it would be 30 x 30 = $900.00. We would get a $300.00 deposit, and you would pay the rest on the day of your event. Or if you just have 10 that want to play, you would pay the $300 deposit, and as that is the minimum, that would be the cost of your event, plus any additional paintballs you wanted to buy. 

And feel free to cater in any food, and bring in any drink you want to make it a special day for your company. 

And since we are only 15 minutes from Kearney, it makes holding a Corporate Team Building event in the Central Nebraska area easy! We've had people go straight from work for events. Give us a call at (308) 440-5102 and we'll help you organize your corporate team building event today!


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