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Warped Sportz Adventure Membership
Want to play and play and play, all day, anytime, any day, for One full year??? 
Good from January 1st thru December 31st

Cost to Become a Member???
$150.00 includes all Rental Equipment, Safety Equipment, Field Fees and Unlimted Air for one full year. Paintballs are not included but if you like to play a lot this is the Membership for you. Buy your paintballs by the case and save some more cash. The membership comes out to under $3.00 per week if you use it every week at least once during the year..We also let our Members bring one friend per month and they get to play for free (paintballs excluded) 
Note: Sorry there is no discount for having your own equipment but if you do have your own stuff, you welcome to bring it but please remember, the goal at our field is everyone plays against people with the same type of equipment. People using rental equipment, will only play against others with comparable equipment.
Our standard rule is if your gun uses a battery, you cannot go on the field against people who have guns that don't use batteries. 
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