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PeeWee Paintball

What Is PeeWee Paintball?

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PeeWee Paintball is a new paintball experience at Paintball Jungle that allows players between the ages of 5-9 to try out the action filled sport of Paintball. PeeWee Paintball games use special JT Splatmaster equipment that is designed to be more gentle to younger players but still experience all of the action of paintball. For those familiar with paintball, PeeWee Paintball does have some similar characteristics with the following differences:

  • First, JT SplatMasters are powered by spring pressure, not compressed air or CO2. This results in the Ammo only traveling between 110 and 140 feet per second versus 280 feet per second, the speed of a normal paintball.
  • Second, JT SplatMaster Ammo is smaller in size than standard paintballs, and when you include that characteristic with the reduced speed the Ammo travels, it results in less energy – which means, less impact and considerably less “ouch”. 
  • Last, the paint has been developed with a special shell and fill that is designed to break on contact traveling at the low speeds of JT SplatMaster. 

Your PeeWee Party Includes:

  • 3 Hours PeeWee play session in your own private group.
  • Rental Equipment which includes special JT SplatMaster paintball guns and protective face mask designed for younger players.
  • Unlimited JT SplatMaster paintball refills for your session.
  • Specially trained staff member to serve as your instructor and guide.
  • 6 Kid Minimum.

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