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Low Impact Paintball

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Kid Friendly 50 Caliber Paintball Guns - Less Weight and Less Sting
and not for just for Kids Anymore

The 50 Caliber Low Impact Paintball difference

It starts with the size of the paintball
A 50 caliber paintball just means that the diameter of the paintball is .5 inches. A standard paintball is .68 inches. So this means the paintball is slightly smaller which gives a lot of advantages to using it!

A smaller paintball means less sting.

Actually, 1/3 the sting of normal paintball.
The math is pretty easy. One of our 50 caliber paintballs weighs 1/3 of what a normal paintball does. And if you have 1/3 the weight, you have 1/3 the energy and 1/3 the energy equals 1/3 the sting. We could do the math all day long, but to really know how it is, check out the young kids with smiles that are 3 times bigger!

50 caliber paintballs make 1/3 the mess.

And with our non staining formula – it washes right out.
Even though it is less mess, and washable, we do offer protection packages which include head to toe coveralls, a chest and back protector, and padded gloves. Just wear a layer or two and you should be fine, but if you want to rent the protection package, it’s just 10 bucks. Then when you’re done, just unzip and leave it for us to wash. Besides – they make you look really cool!

The 50 caliber gun is much lighter.

This makes it easier for younger kids to use. 
Not only are the paintballs lighter, but the gun and the tank are much lighter as well. A paintball gun uses compressed air to shoot out the paintballs, and with the 50 caliber paintballs, you don’t need as much air so you can use a smaller lighter tank!




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