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DYE Proto Reflex Rail Series Color Coded Indexed o-ring kit w/ 5 rebuilds

Price: $14.99
  • Whats Included
    • Enough o-rings to rebuild your Proto Reflex Rail paintball marker 5 times!
    • A compartmentalized carry case to store and organize your o-rings.

    Our Color Indexed o-ring kits make maintaining your marker easier then ever! After the initial installation if an o-ring happens to break or wear down, you only need to open your boxed o-ring kit, and pull out the similar o-ring of matching color, and swap it out. No more measuring, no more comparing stretched used o-rings with pristine new o-rings, no more sizing charts or sizing cones, no more headaches. Spend less time in the staging area fixing your marker, and more time on the field mowing down the opposition!

Note: the o-rings in this kit are colored similar to those of the DYE colored o-rings to make installation easier, you can use your manual to match color and install your o-rings, however while our o-rings use the same general colors they are not identical, for example our purple and green are darker, blue is lighter, etc.

Also in some cases, Dye uses some colors in some markers, and other colors for the same o-ring, in other markers (for example for the DYE DM14 (and in the DYE official o-ring kit), they use a Green o-ring for the -007/90 o-ring, while in the  DM13 Series, the same o-ring is yellow.

Our kit follows the following color indexing.
-005(70) - Yellow
-006(70) - Red
-007(90) - Green
-009(70) - Red
-010(70) - Purple
-011(70) - Orange
-012(70) - Green
-013(70) - Yellow
-014(70) - Blue
-015(70) - Red
-015(90) - Purple
-017(70) - Orange
-020(70) - Green
2x13mm - Black
2x14mm - Black

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