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Kingmann Universal Spyder Color coded o-ring kit with 5 rebuilds

Price: $14.99
Whats Included
  • Enough o-rings to rebuild your Spyder Paintball  marker 5 times!
  • A compartmentalized carry case to store and organize your o-rings.
  • Spyder compatibility:
    • There are so many Spyder markers in existence (well over 50 models) and while we are confident that the kit will work on all models, we cannot guarantee that this kit will fit 100% on every single one of them since we have been unable to properly and fully cross check the o-rings for every single Spyder marker ever made. However we have put considerable effort into this kit to ensure it is as universal as possible. We have yet to find a single Spyder marker our kit will not completely rebuild 100%.
    • Our kit is designed to replace every single o-ring in the marker, not just the basic engine. If you have a Spyder marker model that has a o-ring in some obscure location that is missing from our kit, please let us know so we can add it. and we will send you a packet of the missing o-rings for free.

So far we have confirmed 100% Compatibility with the following markers (none found so far that are incompatible with this kit)

  • Spyder Aggressor
  • Spyder Sonix
  • Spyder Victor
  • Spyder Fenix
  • Spyder Xtra
  • Spyder MR1
  • Spyder MR4
  • Spyder MR100 Pro
  • Spyder EMR5
  • Spyder MR5
  • Spyder Hammer 7
Our Color coded o-ring kits make maintaining your marker easier then ever! After the initial installation if an o-ring happens to break or wear down, you only need to open your boxed o-ring kit, and pull out the similar o-ring of matching color, and swap it out. No more measuring, no more comparing stretched used o-rings with pristine new o-rings, no more sizing charts or sizing cones, no more headaches. Spend less time in the staging area fixing your marker, and more time on the field mowing down the opposition!

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